Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bear Visitors: First sign 2016

Bears are a big threat to honey bee colonies and I have been visited repeatedly by these critters over the years.  I took some extreme measures and built a platform on well casing pipe to keep my hives safe and it has been very effective.  However, the bears still try to climb the pipe and  you can see their sign here.

Clear Print here - after our rain last week

They are tenacious for sure!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yellow Jacket Control Time !

The yellow jacket queens are out now, so now is the time to put out your traps to catch them.  These can be a real pain and I've seen them overwhelm a hive.  So, it pays to prevent them from getting started in the first place! I just put these traps out just a few days ago and I've caught a few in this yard north of  Deer Park.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Varroa Mite Treatment - First Application

I've decided to utilize the latest research and practices for dealing with the Varroa Mite by utilizing Oxylic Acid Vaporization.  This method is has been reported to have a 100%  kill rate on Varroa and Trachia mites.  After just a few minutes of vapor exposure - drives the mites off their hosts and they fall through the screen. Here is the result after just 3 hours after the treatment.
 There were many on the paper screen.
Since this hive was created using a Nuc, with capped brood, the treatment regimen calls for 2 more treatments 7 days apart.  This way you catch  ALL the Varroa at each of their life stages.

I will be done treating by the 1st of May or so.

Oxylic acid is a food based product found in Cabbages and Rhubarb.  The fog/vapors don't smell good and it does make the hive a bit angry - not too much though.  I do "vail up" for this just in case.

Within a few minutes afterwards, the hive settles down and returns to normal.  

I would say it is safe to assume that ALL bees coming in as packages and nucs would have Varroa.  Best to treat them now before they get too established in your hives.

I will take more pictures and have more stores about this later.

Thanks for viewing!

- Will Olson

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Many THANKS to everyone for making our Package and Nuc delivery day a great success!  We had lots of adventures and many great smiles on delivery day.  See you Next Year !

Loading the Nucs in California!

Our Great Helper!

Everyone was learning new things everyday
The Master at Work

Beautiful and Bountiful Nucs

Loading up the Packages Safely on the Trailer

Carefully monitoring the load temperature.  It was 64 inside the truck, bu t 71 degrees on the load, at 8:13 AM

Morning load  out to Beemaniacs 

                                                                           Happy New Beekeepers