Friday, May 24, 2013

Bee Yard Visit - May 29th 2013

These are a few of my mating nucs that were staged today.  They should be populated with bees and virgin queens fairly soon.  

This next picture shows a nuc that has a new queen in it.  Note how dark these are.  These are my Russian/Carnolian crossed bees.  Their Queen Mother not only survived last winter she was thriving in the early spring as well.  I hope to get some good stock with her.

A young bee landed on my sleeve while taking pictures today.  Just look at that pollen !

This shot was taken from the north end of my main yard.  We had some sun breaks for a brief time but it quickly became overcast as the day progressed.

This bee seems to be saying, "Hey... look what I have !"

They were busy bringing in pollen which is a good sign that they are brooding quite a bit now.

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