Monday, July 29, 2013

Amazing Russian Beekeepers!

Here in Spokane, WA we have a large and vibrant Russian and Ukrainian immigrant community.  I have noticed that many of these folks are avid and skilled beekeepers.  I have picked up some good ideas from my Russian friends and they have been always helpful and kind with me and my questions!

Also - I notice that many visitors on my blog  here are from the Russian Federation.  Thank you for visiting!

 Спасибо, что посетили мой блог, и я уважаю ваши навыки в пчеловодстве!
I found this relevant video on Youtube and I was amazed! by these Russian beekeepers!  I can speak a little Russian, and I could make out some of what they guy was talking about.  The speaker is working his beeyard and adding some supers, harvesting propolis and talking about the growth of this colonies.  Very impressive!

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