Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Hive Activity

Hello !

Sorry about the lack of activity as of late.

Today we are experiencing some reasonable temperatures - in the low 30's instead of single digits like last week.  I was very worried about that cold snap but I have taken precautions.

I usually wrap my hives with the large bubble wrap then finish with a black plastic or tar paper over wrap.  I have several hives in town this year and the large hive is the light-green hive and there are two single story colonies resting on top of this. 
Wrapped Hives

I am also using some leaf bags are extra insulation around the base of this hive.  There is also some pink foam board as well. 

I was working in the yard today when I noticed some of my bees coming out and moving around the small entrance.  One even took flight and quickly headed back in!

It was exciting to see them so active after the really cold weather we had last week.  They are pretty tough and my little bit of insulation must really help them.   

Here is a close up of the gals checking out the weather - outside of the hive.  They did not stay out for long!

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