Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Cabinet Hive Design

This winter I had a few losses due to excessive humidity and dampness.  One of my hives that thrived during the winter was a top bar style hive that uses normal Langstroth deep frames in a 'cabinet style' hive body.  Based upon my success with this design, I decided to build 7 of these  hives from scrap lumber collected during the late winter.

The design is very simple with two 'saw horses' that support the hive body at a very comfortable height.  The main hive body has a 1/8th screen on the bottom with an entrance. 
Cabinet Hive Design
The Frames fit normally on the rabbit that is on
each side. 

I use 'insulator frames' made of stuffed cardboard on each end to help the new package or nuc hive stay warm at night.  The less stress the better this time of year when they are trying to build up for the nectar flow
Insulator Frame

These are simple to build. Its just an old clean frame with a cardboard sandwich with stuffed newspaper in it.  I used head duty staples to put it together.

Finished Hive waiting for package
This hive has an inner cover made to fit with a top cover that is sheeted with
aluminum to keep the weather at bay.   I made the top cover a bit long to give the hive more shade and weather protection.

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