Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bee Bucket Watering Idea - Update

The other day, I was working in one of my out yards that has a water access problem.  A neighbor complained that the bees were in his horse trough and had asked me to do something about it.  I put my 5 gallon water bucket to work!

The bucket needs to be 'topped off' or refilled about every 2 weeks or so.  

So, when I can dropped by I noticed about 5 to 8 bees drinking on the sponge.  I grabbed my cell phone camera but a few flew off but as you can see they seem to like this.

I put in a few ounces of mineral salt to water mix.  We have not heard any more complaints from the neighbor!  I'm not too worried because I will 'bribe' him in August with some honey !  :-)

They seem to use this a lot!

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