Friday, June 17, 2016

Flow Hive Inspection !

This week I got the privilege of helping a mutual beekeeping friend do an inspection of a Flow Hive.

Our mission was to check the hive and to give it another deep super - if needed.  The hive was building nicely and it was interesting to see how the apparatus works.

This hive started as a Nuc and was coming along nicely - with lots of eggs, brood at different ages and 2 frames of solid capped brood.  We have it another deep to build up.  So, there are now 2 deep supers with the Flow Apparatus on top.
A very nice spot with straw bales to provide some protection from the wind

This is the 'rear' side of the Flow  Apparatus.  The collection 'frames' have a drain port as shown here

Top View of the  Flow 'Super'

The Queen Excluder is a MUST.  She must not get into the Apparatus

The owner is using some 'foundationless' frames  that were being built nicely!

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