Monday, July 11, 2016

Foundationless Frame Experiment: Day 7

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I was very eager to see how the bees reacted to my "foundationless" frame with small starter strip.  So, today after 7 days I opened up this active hive to take a look.  As you can see they have built this up quite nicely. The queen has been very busy in this new comb as well.  If you look to the left most edge of the comb you can see the 'original' starter strip.
7 days later !

Check out that new brood too...

Eggs and Young Larvae

So, with this experience I have decided to try this approach with another strong nuc.  This nuc started off with me about 2 months ago.  It was a single frame with capped brood on it.  I just let it grow in this 4 frame nuc box until today.  It was crammed!  I sprayed them with my lemon grass 1:1 sugar syrup to get them to calm down and move down into the box.  They were not too happy with me opening the lid!

Nuc Full !

New Box - "Before"
I had previously set up the new box that they were going to be placed in.  I used 2 more 'foundationless' frames, checker boarding them between the 4  original frames.  These were packed with brood, especially capped brood that will be emerging soon.
Frames inserted - Hive returned to its original location

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