Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nearby Wild Flowering Plants and Pollinators!

On our dog walks around and along the Spokane river we can see many flowering plants that provide food for our native pollinators and honey bees too.

Here is a 'wild' alfalfa plant growing along the edge of the Centennial Trail.
Single Alfalfa Plant with many Honey Bees working it

It is not nice to stick your tongue out while being photographed!

Mystery Plant?  

This appears to be a 'Vipers Bugloss' Echium Vulgare plant but I'm not completely sure.  The blue purple flower is nearly iridescent in it's color intensity.  Here there were lots of Bumble Bees working this plant!   

Vipers Bugloss?

Here a closer view of the blossoms.

Flowering Bugloss?
Here is a closeup of a Bumble Bombus Apidae?  working the blossom.  They appear to stick their entire fat heads into the blossom.  They seem to fly around with their tongues hanging out as well.

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