Friday, July 15, 2016

They LOVE the Pumpkin Blossoms in the Morning

Good Morning from Spokane!

We are having a cool morning with temps the low 60's with a clear blue sky. It is quite beautiful.
I headed out to enjoy a brief cup of coffee when I noticed that the raised bed garden, which is completely "volunteer" this year, has some amazing pumpkins growing there.  They are trying to take over the yard - like a scene from the movie, "Little Shop of Horrors".  Their blossoms are an intense yellow/orange and are usually opened up to seemingly gather the warmth of the sun.  The bees are crazy for them and they appear to 'squabble' over access to the flowers.

Beautiful Pumpkin Blossoms

Here is an up close shot and  you can really see the 'messy' pollen all over the bee.  I've read that this effect may come about due to the static charge the bee develops as it flies.  Sort of  like that junior high trick with the balloon with your hair. The plant's charge is grounded and this allow the effect of the pollen grains 'jumping' onto the bee as it lands.  

Amazing moment

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